kris is back in bizzz

in a different clique but same leesh:) we are making one bigh site for all of us and i will post it as soon as its up! (: if you have any headers that yo uthink are cute send them to and we might use yours on the site(:

lots lof ♥,


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hello again:)

yes i decided to put up a  little post since i quit blogging. im seeing your comments and i love and appriciate EVERY one of them:) you all are the greatest fans andy Kristen can ask for! i miss blogging so much so decided to show some love. i MIGHT be interseted in blogging again so if anyone needs a kristen i will. im not going to go around looking for a PC but i will be open to optitions:) i love you all and talk to yo usoon 🙂

Kristen G.

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super sorry

okay guys, im going striaght torward the bullet… im quitting this blog. i know you all are dissapointed, and i am too, but lets be honest… im quitting because i can NEVER be on anymore and its not fair to you all. expe, the PC. Im always missing and not having post, so this will fix everything! also im not kristen and i dont want to be her. i have been blogging for a few years and i have always been at the top of the kristen google search box, (and thank you so much;) but its time to give a new kristen a chance:)

i love my PC family and i will be checking up on their blogs, since im close friends with alicia OOC. ANd i have the best PC family out there. my massie is great and gives the best advise. Dyl is as funny as dyl can be, and claire is still a sweetheart. and my leesha:) is the BEST Alicia Rivera out there! she has put up with me through all my missing chatzys, emails and post. she understands everything and is definatly my sister:) and im so sorry to leave you all like this, i love you all so much!

im keeping my email so you can contact me. and i will still have my OOC blog,

i love you all so much and thank you for letting me be YOUR Kristen Gregory, its been a great experience but its time for me to go…

SongoftheDay- Time for me to Fly:jonas


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the wicked witch of spain,

is back.

ugh, yess Nina is back, and we are all holding out boyfriends hostage! She has already asked Mass for Landons number!? I mean HELLO shes NOT going to give it to you! And if she messes with any of us in anyway, ill kick her @ss back to spain!!

ha and thanks for all the emails asking about me and kemp:):) I showed him some yesterday and we tripped out for hours! Anyways yes we are still dateing and doing wonderful! I havent been this happy in a long time! We have mostly been playing soccer, and “studying” aka watching movies;)

For those who are emailing me wondering, yes i have started shcool work hard core. So i will have a new post every Friday. I can check email all the time so thats not a problem! It just might take a while to email back, but dont give up on me!;)

SongoftheDay: Im yours!


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I had my first real date with Kemp!:) It was SO sweet. And yes we are official;) So first we went to at pinkberry. Then he took me to Tiffany where he had me a necklace picked out with a silver and black heart!:) Then we went to the park, just to walk around and chill. It started getting dark and the little lights came on and made it so romantic!:) Then we went and ate, and went to his house to watch a moive! And he even skipped practice to do it:):) It was so sweet and i had a great time!

Kristen Gregory

So OCD High starts in September and TPC has been out and about doing our own things. But today we all (even Massie) went to the mall to shop and then went to the spa:) It was so relaxing and it was wonderful! Well im spending the day practicing so gotta run!

SongoftheDay- If I Had You:Adam L.



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its a smile, its a kiss,

its a sip of wiiiine, its the SUMMERTIME!

yes its country but i works:) Leesh’s pool party was genious! It fixed every single drama problem and more:) We had fun splashing around and doing… other stuff;) ALSO the whole PC is TAKEN:) Well almost;) Right when Cam got there he knew he had to talk to Claire. They are back together eatting high calorie gummies:) Leesh and Josh FINALLY came to their sences, and got back together:D And Kemp and I, look at Leesh page for that story. Didnt see much of Mass and Landon (kissy much;) and Dyl and Derrick just ate. And Chris Perv. got a DSL Daters number. We had SO much fun and it was much needed!!

Mass sleepover was totes fun! Pink, and quotes everywhere which is so Alicia Rivera:) We all got super cute polo shirts! (mine is green!) Which was perfect! And now here are pics fromo the party:) Also my “extras” and “KG and TPC” pages are updated.

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pictures are also on the “extras” page:)

SongoftheDay- Summertime: KC


KEMP WAS HERE! hey gregory;) And Josh wanted me to tell yall the hacked;) page is also updated!

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done, done and

DONE. Me and Cam are over for GOOD i cant believe he did that. Me and Josh are… ugh, weirded out. Im so done with him. Anywasy Alicia is hosting a pool party and im excited to be hanging out with EVRYONE! Its been a while since thats happend! We are all going to swim and hang out, then Massie’s Friday Night Sleepover featuring the theme- Alicia Rivera. And im sooo glad claire will be back!! 🙂 I will post my swimsuite and outfit for Leesh, and Mass’s soon. Im heading out for ice cream with Josh:)

also im having a header vote, stick with this header or choose between these two…

header competition

the black, white, and colored- all the friends- or the one now?:) VOTE!

SongoftheDay-  Undo It: Carrie Underwood (PERFECT)


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potential break up

No me and cam, arent completly broken up. Our relationship is cracked but not broken.  So yes we are taking a break. I talked to him the other day just to say we are breaking for me to think i will call you when im ready to do whatever. so yeah, o think cam said we were all still going to the Yankee’s Game as friends. Which I guess is okay, i have Josh and Leesh to talk to. But Leesh doesnt have to do here dare. and this is my outfit i planned…

 or you can click this link:

So Josh and Leesh are also breaking for the most part. Oh the guys are back, im at Josh’s with Kemp, Demps, and Derrick to prac soccer, so i got to go! I think we are heading to the mall to get something to eat. (i took a shower and change of cloths here) So bye bye:)

SongoftheDay:Potential Break up- Aly and AJ



Yo Kris its Josh! You really shouldnt leave the computer up in my room!;)- Josh Hotz!

You know i agree with Josh. this way people are going to hack your blog…;)-Kemp

Goodness guys!-kris

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its all… okay

okay so the big news around wordpress is the me, cam, and claire triange. well it is no longer:) me and  claire are friends again:) but she is going to florida to get away from cam. i hate that she REALLY doesnt like him anymore. but i dont know what to do about it. i REALLY like Cam but i love claire. so its all up in the air.

but cam is SO sweet! he got me a tiffany bracelet with the tiffany heart and a rhinestone cleat!:) josh asked me waht he could get leesh, so josh told cam and he thought it would be the perfect way to make up for this whole drama thing. i looove it! and its perfect:D

So im hanging with leesh tomorrow. so gotta jet;)



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Hello Westchester:)

The soccer star, the smartie pants, and the fabulous Kristen Gregory is back! I had so much fun at vaca and Cam even came to see me! (so sweet x10) and we all know whyy…

So as most of you know Kuh-Laire went and kissed Cam and “admitted” all her feelings to him WHILE me and him are dating? Like wth? She went above and beyond what a “bestfriend” would do. And now she is trying to pretend it didint happen? Oh no honey, it did.

And Derrick kissed MASSIE? Which by the way her and LANDON are offical now:) But yes so he is in Big trouble with Dyl… or so we thought he was, till he told Mass him and Dyl broke up… when did this happen?

With that out of the way while i was gone i bought the PC some presents to help them get over my absents Mass got a cute Coach bag, Leesh got a beautiful Tiffany necklace, Dyl got a new Juciy bag, and Kuh-Liare got, well  nothing. Im about to go surprise Cam at his house!:)

SongoftheDay: back home-MC



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